Van Holland Site Plan




    1. Main Entrance

    2. Link Bridge

    3. Grand Waterfall

    4. Drop-off

    5. Infinity Lap Pool

    6. Children’s Pool

    7. Jacuzzi Spa

    8. Sun Deck

    9. Outdoor Shower

    10. Cascading Waterfall

    11. Waterfall Garden (Basement)

    12. Gym Room

    13. Secured Bike Garage (Basement)

    14. Bike Maintenance Area (Basement)

    15. Hammock Garden

    16. Riverine Garden Walk

    17. Garden of Life

    18. Fitness Garden

    19. Junior’s Rock Climbing Wall

    20. Garden Lounge

    21. Tropical Garden Walk

    22. Children’s Playground 1

    23. Sky Terrace (Level 2 & 4)

    24. Sky Lounge 1

    25. Sky Lounge 2

    26. Children’s Playground 2

    27. Sky Gourmet Pavilion

    28. Sky Club

    29. Panoramic Sky Pool

    30. Jacuzzi Spa 2

    31. Restroom

    32. Outdoor Shower

    33. Aqua Gym


    A. Side Gate

    B. Bin Centre (Basement)

    C. Substation (Basement)

    D. Genset

    E. Ventilation Shaft

    F. Water Tank (Lower Roof Level)

    G. Water Tank (Attic Level)

Van Holland Facilities

A residential masterpiece, crafted to create deep impressions.

A monument to life’s ebb and flow.

Inspired by the fluidity and dynamism of water, Van Holland is an architectural masterpiece that lets residents explore the various moods of this life-giving element.

Where water is woven into a tapestry of distinctive style.

Elevate your definition of luxury living.

With the panorama of the world embracing you, the Panoramic Sky Pool is the ideal place to relax before adjourning to the rooftop Clubhouse.